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Stay gorgeous at the age of 30s

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Every year, you will get older. For women, when you are about to reached 30, you can feel some changes in your body, for example dry skin, backache and so on. This changes will get worse as you menopause. There's some ways for you to follow in order to maintain your body and appearance and stay young at this age!!

1. Control your food! DON'T eat too much food which contains high cholesterol level, but do take a lot of fibers,fruits and vegetables.

2. Prevent yourself from over dehydrated! Don't expose too much to sunrise as it rays can make your skin looks darker, and even lead to skin dryness. You can also use moisturizer which can keeps your skin moisture ( do check whether that moisturizer is suitable for your skin type or not ).

3. Never ever stop EXERCISING. As you get older, your risk of getting many diseases will also rise. To prevent it, keep your active lifestyle, at least do some light exercise after you wake up in the morning and stay healthy like youngsters.

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4. Drinks a lot of water. This is the other alternative to prevent dehydration, thus to keep your skin healthy.

5. Don't put too much make-up on your face. Please don't put too much foundation and dark coloured lipstick. This will make you look more older than you are!

6. Vitamin supplement. If you can hardly get a balanced diet (usually housewives) , you can take vitamin supplement to stay healthy and recover what your body is deficient of.

7. Lastly, control your emotion. Always be positive and have fun with your family and loved one. This can boost up your confident and throw away your stress.



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