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How to be a good friend?

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Friends are like family. We hang out together , tell our story to them and do anything with them, but , is it enough to call you as a good friendHow to be a good friend? Let's check this article out and try it.

1. Be honest
Let say if you ask your friend opinion, they will give it honestly but gently. Your friend might not always tell you what you want to hear , but at least they say the truth, they'd be honest.

2. Always be there
Always be with friend who needs you. Listen to what they want telling you. Be a good listener!

be a good friends , friends , friends forever

3. Be respectful
Always respect your friend. Respect their opinion even you don't agree with his/her opinion.

4. Give your friend space
Understand if your friend wants to be alone. Maybe they have some problem that can't be share with you.

5. Don't be selfish
If your friend needs your help, help them. Don't be selfish! Who knows , one day, if you needs help, they'll help you.

Let's be a good friend !

How to have an active mind!!

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What makes human so special when compared to other creation is that human being is granted with brain and mind which gives the human the ability to think. But then, some people just cannot use their mind wisely, or maybe they just don't know the proper way to use it, or maybe they are slow thinker by which they cannot think actively. Thus they start making irrational action. Active way of thinking is so important especially for student, but some students are just too tired and stress, making the learning activity to slow down. Here are some ways for you to practice so that you can have an active mind and rational way of thinking.


  • Get enough sleep
    Enough sleep during the night can helps our memory to function as information storage. Body need rest so that this action can occur. Tiredness will only disturb the action of saving all the memories.

  • Exercise
    Excercise can relax the muscles hence returns the blood to the brain. This is good for strengthen the memory.

  • Control your stress and pressure
    Pressure, tension and other problematic issues will only reduce your concentration on study.
  • Avoid depression. 
    This will make the students to be less sensitive about the people and event  around them.

  • Be careful with vitamin or other supplements
    Refer to medical practitioner before you consume any pill which is said t be good for your memories and what not. Do not simply buy it at the counter as it may leave other side effects.

  • Monitor the medication intake (if necessary)
    Some medication might weaken the memories, thus you must always speak to your doctor before taking any medicine. 

  • Read a lot!
    Reading can widen your knowledge, and strengthens the memories. While you are reading, try to remember the key point or the sinopsis of your reading material.

  • Do something new
    Activate your mind by learning new things from televisions, classes or talk show.

  • Eat and get your stress relieved

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    Some people tend to eat as much as they can whenever they are in stress mode. They are actually does not know the proper way to manage their stress. This problem can lead to obesity which will later give you more and more stress. There are actually some food that can helps in stress relieve.


    1. Blueberries
      The important content in blueberries is vitamin C which known as potent stress buster. Plus, blueberries also contain antioxidant and low in calories. So you can eat a lot of blueberries without worrying of gaining weight.

    2. Beef
      Although beef contains saturated fat which is bad for your diet, you can choose the region that contain less fat such as the parts that are labelled as 'loin' or 'round'. The iron, vitamin B and and zinc can help to chill you out.

    3. Milk
      It contains vitamin B2 and B12 and also antioxidants which is believed to destroy the free radicals which causes stress. Milk also can call you down, a glass of warm milk will help you to fall into a deep sleep.

    4. Almonds 
      Almonds rich in vitamin B2 and magnesium which involve in the production of serotonin (important chemical which regulate stress and emotion). It also contains zinc which can fight the negative effects of stress, while vitamin E is an antioxidant which kills the free radicals.

    5. Fish
      Fishes are rich in vitamin Bs, especially B12. B12 is as many knows it helps in serotonin production which regulates the emotion by giving 'happy' feeling to a person. B12 deficiency may lead to depression.

    Basically, you have to choose the appropriate food when you noticed your not in a good mood. Don't simply eat everything that you love just to give yourself some satisfaction. Choose the food that high in vitamin B12, magnesium and so on but beware of the calories too. :)


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