Thursday, 10 October 2013

Behaviour that makes you UGLY

Posted by ainina jelani at 22:24
There are some attitudes that will make you lost your beautiful skin appearance, and sometimes will affect your health condition. These things are sometimes have been daily routine for some of us without knowing that it is bad. What are the behaviors? Lets check it out!

  • Unbalanced diet
    Food intake which is high in cholestrol and oily food can lead to acne and other problem such as obesity and heart disease. To look good and beautiful, make sure you control your diet not only for beautiful body but for good health status.

  • Irregular sleeping time
    To look beautiful and to have radiant skin, make sure that you have enough sleep and manage your sleep so that it is well organized. Irregular and lack of sleep will give you 'eyebag' below your eyes and makes your skin looks dull.

  • Frowning the eyes
    Some people like to frown their eyes whenever they want to focus at a distant object or when they are reading. This is not good as when you frowning your eyes and your skin, this will make your face to easily get wrinkles.

  • Keep changing skincare products unnecessarily
    Women are easily influenced by the advertisements in television, magazines and newspaper. When their friends talk about any new products, they will have the desire to try that products. So every time when new skincare and cosmetics products come out, they will change to that particular product even though the product that they have been use is good enough for them. This is not a good thing as they are making their body like experimental things. Different person has different effects on a product. If the product you are using give bad effects on you, then only you have to change to other products. Don't damage your skin by keep changing products unnecessarily.


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