Thursday, 10 October 2013

Why it is good to sleep early

Posted by ainina jelani at 22:20
We are recommended to sleep for 7 to 8 hours per day. Sometimes it is hard to get enough hour of sleeping especially for students. With all the assignments and exam, many of them stay up late at night or even did not sleep for the whole night. This is actually a bad habit. It is good if you could practice to sleep early and wake up early in the morning. The benefit of sleep early during night time are :


  • Reduced body weight
    You can control your body weight by sleep early. People who sleep late at night will tend to feel hungry. As they eat during the time which is not suitable to eat (late at night) , the calories will be kept in your body.Eating during late night also makes you delay your breakfast intake tomorrow morning. As a result your energy will decrease, leading you to eat more during the day. So, stay slim by sleep early!

  • Easy to sleep
    People who sleep early will find that it is easy to get sleep and will have satisfaction in their sleeping when compared to people who sleep late. people who always sleep late night and irregular sleeping time tend to get insomnia. And when they are accidently awake, they will find out that it is hard for them to continue sleeping.

  • More productive during the day
    When you sleep early, you will wake up fresh in the morning with full energy to get ready for the whole day.

  • Healthy heart
    People who sleep after midnight will get their blood vessels hardened (Research by researchers in Misao Health Clinic in Gifu, Japan). For your information, hardening of blood vessels i s the early symptoms of heart disease.

  • More energetic
    People who are forced to sleep during the day for example who works during the night shifts, these kind of people are not really adapt to their sleeping style. When they sleep during the day, they can fall into deep sleep for only two to three hours. As they did not get enough sleep and rest, they will feel tired fo the whole day and night.


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