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Keep Fresh During Menstruation

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Menstruation,menses or period is a normal cycle of all women. As it will give a 'visit' to us every month, we should practice some proper way so that we still can enjoy our active lifestyle during our period. Here are some ways to keep fresh and healthy during your menstruation.

1. Take your bath regularly as during menstruation you need to give extra care of your body odour.

2. Use hot/warm water to bath. It can reduce that 'uneasy' feeling and it reduces cramping as well. This can make you feel comfortable and more relax.
3.  Control your diet by:

  • reduce the intake of  caffeine,sugar,cold water and carbonated drinks.
  • drink a lot of plain water, fruit juices and herbal tea, this can avoid constipation during menses.
  • do not take fishy food.
  • eat a lot of protein, soy and tofu.
  • take calcium pills or vitamin C to reduce mood swing.

4. Change your sanitary towels or tampons at regular interval. If you use tampon, it is recommended that you change it every 4-8 hours, while 3-4 hours for sanitary towels/pad.

 5. Put a bottle/bag of hot water on your abdomen to reduce cramping (poultice). You can also take some medication if this does not solve your problem, but make sure you seek for your doctor advice first.

6. Lastly, exercise regularly and have enough sleep


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