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The dangers of high heels

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Millions of women nowadays love to wear high heels. They seem happy to wear high heels and not aware about the effects of wearing high heels. Even sometimes they get pain while they walking by wearing high heel , they are not tired to wear it again.

High heels increase the risk of ankle injured
  • The higher the high heel , the higher the risk.

High heels give effects on legs and knees
  • High heels cause the tendon to shorten significantly.
  • If the tendon can't do their work , the lower leg must take over the work and this can lead to injury.

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It also effects hips and back
  • High heels cause the pelvis to rotate forward , increasing the curve of the lower back and forcing the buttock out.
  • It leads to a host back problem.
Safety tips :
  1. Limit the wearing of high heels.
  2. Choose a wedges style over a stiletto style heels.
High heels can cause serious damage. So save your stiletto and choose appropriate shoes style!


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