Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hardly lose weight??

Posted by ainina jelani at 22:11
Did you ever noticed that you can hardly reduce your weight even though you have cut off the amount of food during lunch, dinner, etc? Well these are some reasons why you fail to lose weight. These things should be avoided if you really want your 'losing weight mission' to be successful.


  • Consuming salty food for snacking. Salty food is like drugs which can make you to take it again and again without realizing that you actually have taken a huge amount of it. So, reduce your salt intake to lose weight!

  • Eating while watching the televisions. This habit will make you consume more calories without using it.

  • Sleep right after having a heavy meal. This also will waste the calories, as a result, there will be fats everywhere in your body.

  • Skipping meal (usually breakfast). When you skip a meal, this will make you to eat more during the next meal or you might also be having more meals as your appetite will increase.

  • Quick eating habit. When you eat quickly, means you can finish all the food in a short time. This will make you feel full faster and brings you to have other food.

    Stop all these habit so that you can lose weight easily.


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