Thursday, 10 October 2013

Say 'NO' to bad breath

Posted by ainina jelani at 22:10
Is there any time that your friend avoid to speak closely to you or they look uneasy whenever you are talking to them? Or dis you ever realize that sometimes you feel like you are giving out unpleasant smell when you are talking? It means, you are having bad breath. Bad breath really gives bad impression towards you and it also might makes you lose confident when you are giving a speech.

Here are some ways to be practiced so that we will have no more bad breath


  • Practice proper brushing and flossing technique to prevent any food to stick at your teeth.
  • Brush your tongue to get rid off the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Clean your mouth after taking food such as garlic, onion, and other food that give bad smell of breath when you eat it.
  • Drink enough amount of water. Lack of water will make our mouth dry and thus lead to bad breath.
  • Use mouthwashes.
  • Stop smoking.


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